Brand Story

Your brand story is your blueprint to understanding who you are internally, and how to best communicate it to your audience.

Resorting to well-worn phrases is easy, but we 
dig deep and discover words that truly exemplify your brand. We pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail and love of discovery, so creating the right brand story for your business is a key part of the journey.

Think of your brand as a person. That’s how your audience wants to see it. What’s your brand’s personality? Its undeniable truth? The reason to exist? We mine deep and find these gems of individuality and polish them into your brand story.

Our Approach

Discussion & Research
We work with you to understand everything there is to know about your brand and its goals, as well as explain how and where the brand story will be used.

Development & Drafting
Our team researches and develops the narrative to refine your brand’s tone and language.

Story Presentation
We supply an initial draft of your brand story to review via email, over the phone or in person— whatever your preference.

Revisions & Refinement
Any necessary changes are made to the brand story following your feedback until all requests have been addressed.

What We Deliver

– Mission Statement
– Positioning Statement
– Tone of Voice & Values
– Key Messaging & Body Copy


Our Brand Story service generally takes 2-4 weeks from project approval to final delivery.


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